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Istituto Beni Stabili’s client can rely on the cooperation of a tight and willing staff: a team of people which work according to the logic of a market-oriented firm and therefore ready to single out the needs of the client in order to supply always fit answers.

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Gerardo Coviello

Contact Info

+39 347 68 08 278

Shortly About Me

Place birth:
Avigliano (PZ) il 2 Aprile 1940

Diploma in Accounting, School of Economics and Administration at Bocconi University in Milan.

1960/1972 - Head of Service (rental and general accounts) with the moveable and immoveable Trust "(Group Bastogi) Naples since 1972 CEO and CEO of "Trust Administration and Management of movable and immovable Ltd. (Trust Company and review) Milan and from 1983 Director General - currently President and Managing Director of Istituto Beni Stabili Immobiliare, headquartered in Milan, Via V. Foppa n . 7, an expert in property management and separation of buildings with an experience of 42 years

dal 1972 Amministratore Delegato e Direttore Generale della "Fiduciaria d'Amministrazione e Gestione Mobiliare e Immobiliare Srl” (Società fiduciaria e di revisione) Milano;

1983/2015 Presidente e Consigliere Delegato della Istituto Beni Stabili Immobiliare, con sede in Milano, Via V. Foppa n. 7, esperto nella gestione immobiliare e frazionamento d’immobili con una esperienza di anni 42.

Dal 2016 Amministratore unico della Istituto Beni Stabili Immobiliare S.r.l.


Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (conferred by the President of the Republic on 6.2.1984),

the undersigned, in addition to being an expert in the drafting of real estate valuations (a task which is carried out since 1961), also:

  • Technical consultant Court of Milan, by Decree 8074 RCT 29.01.1992

  • Member of the No 1407 "The role of experts and experts in the province of Milan, just authorization of 03.09.1992, No 1910 03/03/2000 of the Milan Chamber of Commerce

  • Realtor since 12.04.83 entered in the Milan Chamber of Commerce N.writing in 2024 and currently 278, 28.07.1992, staff representatives in the Chamber for consideration in the property sector

  • Official Auditor, appointed by Ministerial Decree of 07/09/1993 (2nd Session 1990), published in the OJ IV Series 58 Special 23.07.1993

  • Registered as Technical Advisor INPDAP (National Institute of Public Employee Retirement - INADEL former self), real estate appraisals for Rome.

  • Istituto Beni Stabili Immobiliare is authorized intermediary by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, it is registered as No. 4498 of 15.09.1992 of the role of agents of Business Negotiation

Moreover, the undersigned is also part of the following Associations:

  • The Real Estate Board of New York, Inc., from 19.04.1984 as a non-resident owner.

  • ANACI (National Association of Condominium Administrators and Real Estate)