When descendants of Italians abroad inherit properties in Italy, in addition to the benefit of the property, there are also logistical problems and legal obligations to be met.

Often, it comes into possession of co-ownership shares with other heirs and this complicates further their management.

Our activity is to evaluate if this co-ownership is worth and if it yields the fruits (rents, etc.); We can also represent you in the management or sale of the property or its share, by providing for tax and legal fulfillment.


A foreigner or Italian resident abroad who owns properties in Italy (houses, lands, etc.) has the right and the duty to handle them.
If you do not have the opportunity to directly follow the good, it is crucial to have an administrator who is able to follow the property and to maintain its rights, increasing it's potential, earning from it, and avoid the risk of losing ownership.

If a property, or part of it, is not being treated and handled by the owner for more than 20 years and someone claims its ownership for having used it or having obtained the fruits in the meanwhile, he cans obtain the award by a judge.

Ownership of a property also implies the obligation by the owner to keep it in good condition.

It is also important to keep in mind that in particular situations the good can also be expropriated for public purpose.


All homeowners and landowners in Italy are required to pay taxes even if they are not Italian citizens.

Failure to pay taxes involves, over time, the risk of foreclosure of the property.

Se sei quindi in possesso di una proprietà in Italia ed hai l'esigenza di un supporto affidabile in loco puoi richiedere la nostra assistenza tramite la sezione If you are then a owner in Italy and you need a reliable on-site support, you can ask for our assistance through the section Contacts or sending your data by the section Valuations.